Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion is a dance company based in Ottawa, which combines the traditions of highland dancing with a fusion of modern dance styles. It was was founded in 2002, by Ottawa dancers Andrée Charlebois and Jenn Macquarrie.

The Company’s goal is to lead a revolution in the dance world by defying conventional categorisations. Through the fusing of styles such as highland, jazz, contemporary dance, and traditional dances of many cultures, we are creating a new form of dance that is uniquely Canadian; we want to express both our contemporary position as multicultural Canadians in a global community, as well as our roots as immigrants.

Through our choreography, we hope to communicate both the strength in sharing a common background and the beauty of diversity.


“Deconstructing Highland”
June 27, 28, 29
8:00 pm
Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave
ODD Box Studio Theatre, suite 200
Tickets: $20
For sale at Dance Fusion Studios, 613-321-1200

Come discover the connections between words and movement! Caithream is proud to present our ground-breaking new piece “Deconstructing Highland.” This innovative choreography explores the syntax of traditional highland dance and how the words we use to describe our movements can be interpreted in many different ways. To highland dancers the world over, “hop brush beat beat” means something very specific – but Caithream takes the terminology and twists it, playfully allowing contemporary dance to mix with traditional highland for a truly unique journey.