Andrée Charlebois and Jenn Macquarrie

Andy and Jenn are the directors of Dance Fusion Studios, and they also do a lot of teaching. They’ve both been dancing all of their lives, and are qualified teachers with the BATD.

Andy has trained in many different dance styles, including ballet, jazz, highland, modern, and ballroom, and received her BFA in contemporary dance from Concordia University. Jenn has trained in highland, ballet, tap, modern, and jazz, and has her PhD in English from the University of Ottawa. They met in the last millennium, and became best friends.

They had the crazy idea of creating a professional highland dance company, something that hadn’t ever existed before.

Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion is now 12 years old, and is now a successful not-for-profit company that performs nation-wide and provides gifted highland dancers with the opportunity to do more than just compete. They then decided to open Dance Fusion Studios, which is now 8 years old, and growing fast.

They wanted to create a place that was safe and welcoming and fun – a place where everyone could find a love of dance.

Andy also works full-time at CPAWS, where she helps save the planet, and Jenn is a professor of English at Ottawa U, where she convinces people that learning can be a lot of fun.

They’re both so happy that you’re interested in the studio – come drop in for a class and meet them.