Frequently Asked Questions

How will I improve in a drop-in class?

There’s a simple answer: the more you come, the faster you will improve, in flexibility, strength, and stamina. We keep the same exercises in each class for the term, so even if you miss a class or two, you will easily be able to get back into the swing of things. If you do come often, you will be able to start focusing on the technique of the movements, and soon you’ll see a lot of progress!


Can I take more than one kind of dance?

Absolutely! The drop-in fee is $14 per class – any class. Or you can buy a set of 10 classes for $120, and you could use any of those hours for your regular ballet class, or to try out a tap class, or drop in on a highland class to see what it’s like.


Do I need to let you know I’m coming?

Nope! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or an email, but if you just want to try out a class, drop by any time.


What happens if there’s only one person in a class?

For our drop-in classes, even if there’s only one person who showed up, we will teach that class for you!


What’s the average age of the adult dancers?

Our age ranges varies a lot – which makes us happy, since we believe everyone can dance, no matter how old or young. Our youngest adults are around 18, and our oldest usually in their late 60s. Our average age is probably around mid-20s to mid-30s. No matter your age, however, you’ll find a class full of friends waiting for you!


I’m nervous about trying dance for the first time – how scary are your classes?

Not scary at all! All of our teachers are super nice, and all of the students really fun. No one will yell or laugh at you if you don’t get something right away – we’ve all been beginners before, and it can be intimidating. But here at Dance Fusion Studios, we want to make your dance experience as stress-free and fun as possible. We’ll gently guide you through your dance class, making sure that you’re having a good time the whole way through!


I have bad knees/bad hips/weak ankles, etc. How can I do a dance class?

All of our teachers are used to accommodating for injuries – we’ve all been injured ourselves, too! In any dance class, there may be exercises that we’ll modify for you, so that you’re still able to participate without hurting yourself. Do make sure to tell your teacher, though!


Do adults dance in recital?

Yes indeed! All of our adult classes will be participating in our year-end recital, which is a great time to show off all you’ve learned in the year while wearing a fabulous costume. All of our adults can opt in or out of the recital – we won’t make you do it if you don’t want to, but it’s a lot of fun!


My son wants to dance, but I don’t know what kind of dance he would enjoy.

Great! We have a very boy-friendly studio, with boys in ballet, jazz, highland, and tap. For all of our young dancers, ballet is a great foundation that gives them strength and flexibility. Jazz and highland are super high energy, and tap is nice and loud – a good place to get some sillies out!


My child has never danced before, but is older – what level should they be in?

We always deal with each child on an individual basis, factoring how old they are, how strong, if they’ve done other sports, etc. Give us a call or an email, or drop by the studio and we can figure out what class would suit your child best.