Kayla Maisonneuve: Kayla teaches ballet and jazz for our Youth Programme.

Sharon Dickson: Sharon teaches tap for our Youth Programme.

Mélanie Matieyshen: Mel teaches jazz for our Adult Programme.

Natasha Coolen: Natasha teaches ballet for our Youth Programme.

Stéphanie Chiasson: Stéphanie is another of Dance Fusion’s substitue teachers. She’s trained in all sorts of dance, and is a spectacular stepdancer from Cape Breton. She’s also a physicist, is in training to be a tap and highland teacher, and practically lives at the studio!

Brigitte Godbout: Brigitte is one of our fantastic substitute teachers. She’s been dancing all of her life, and is trained in ballet, jazz, highland, tap, modern, and many others, and is a qualified teacher with the BATD.

She’s been a member of our resident dance company, Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion, since it started, when she was only 12 years old!

Brigitte splits her time between dancing and creating beauty in other ways as a stylist with Hair Junkie. If your teacher is ever out sick, don’t worry, because Brigitte is a treat for all dance classes!