Anne Hennessy: Anne is one of the sweetest teachers at Dance Fusion Studios, and her kind teaching style is perfect for those who are new to dance. She’s been dancing since she was tiny herself, in all sorts of dance, from ballet and jazz to modern and hip hop.

She’s been working as a professional dancer since graduating from the Contemporary Dance Program at The School of Dance, for great names like Cathy Kyle-Fenton and Productions Double Vision. She’s also been dancing with our resident dance company, Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion since 2003.

Anne is a qualified teacher with the BATD, and is also an amazing Pilates teacher. For the past two years she’s been travelling the world doing Pilates training and teaching, in Australia at the Pilates Company in Melbourne and in Italy at Rimini. We’re so excited to have Anne back with us this year!

If you’re thinking about putting your little dancers in their first dance class, or continuing with your own dance education, or are nervous about starting dance for the first time as an adult, or you prefer to have a teacher who is bilingual in French and English, Anne is the perfect teacher for you!

Brigitte Godbout: Brigitte is one of our fantastic substitute teachers. She’s been dancing all of her life, and is trained in ballet, jazz, highland, tap, modern, and many others, and is a qualified teacher with the BATD.

She’s been a member of our resident dance company, Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion, since it started, when she was only 12 years old!

Brigitte splits her time between dancing and creating beauty in other ways as a stylist with Hair Junkie. If your teacher is ever out sick, don’t worry, because Brigitte is a treat for all dance classes!



Stéphanie Chiasson: Stéphanie is another of Dance Fusion’s substitue teachers. She’s trained in all sorts of dance, and is a spectacular stepdancer from Cape Breton. She’s also a physicist, is in training to be a tap and highland teacher, and practically lives at the studio!

Kayla Maisonneuve: More information coming soon

Sharon Dickson: More information coming soon